Saint Patrick

San Patricio - Saint Patrick

Happy Saint Patrick’s day!

Today, March 17th, it’s Saint Patrick’s day and we have created a special decoration for our windows: Lucky Shamrocks. In honor to all the people called Patrick and Patricia, the Irish and beer lover’s, let’s turn our homes into a green celebration.

This is how our office looks like today:

San Patricio - Saint Patrick

If you also want to have this DIY decoration, just follow these easy steps:

1- Print a shamrock pattern. You can download one from this link

2- Take a green film and cut it following the pattern. We have chosen a static window film because it’s easier to remove once the celebration is finished. Adhesive vinyl or contact paper is also a good option. It depends on the surface we want to decorate.

San Patricio - Saint Patrick - Static Solar Film


3- Remove the protective film of the figures.

4- Spray some water on the glass and place the shamrocks.

5- Use a squeegee to remove the air and water bubbles.

San Patricio - Saint Patrick - Static Solar Film


6- And that’s it! Our Saint Patrick‘s decoration is finished. We hope these shamrocks would bring us some luck also 😉

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