Lineafix Static Digital

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Lineafix Static Digital is a decorative film for windows and smooth surfaces. High quality digital printing. Its wide range of print and embossed designs allows you to create different atmospheres in minutes.

Lineafix Static Digital can be reused as many times as you like. Its static cling (non-adhesive) is guaranteed at high and low temperature.



  • 99.77% UV protection (guaranteed)
  • IR blocking 55.5%
  • Best quality and manufacturing technology
  • It offers privacy while letting the light enter the room
  • Promotes the photosynthesis of plants, by letting the light in and preventing UV damage on its leaves
  • It provides energy savings of 22.6% throughout the year
  • No adhesive. Removable and reusable
  • Meets European environmental legislation REACH
  • Film thickness: 200 microns
  • Lineafix Static Digital is manufactured in Spain

Sizes and formats

Roll: 70cm x 15m
Mini-roll: 70cm x 1,5m
Inquire at the point of sale availability of formats and references.


colocacion-lineafix-11. Clean the surface perfectly, do not use window cleaner.
2. Wet the surface by spraying water on it.
My Way Static - Colocación: paso33. Remove protective film.

My Way Static- Colocación paso 44. Place My Way Static on the surface.

My Way Static - colocación paso 55. Glide the squeegee softly over the film to avoid air bubbles.

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