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Lineawall is a self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper. Its wide and modern collection allows decorating surfaces of all sizes: walls, furniture…

No need for professional placement, allowing you to save costs. Place it yourself, easily and quickly.

The designs are printed and embossed and patterns match easily when placing, thanks to their matching drawings.


Lineawall Range

DDecoArt-Marmol_gamaMarble (shiny)

D'Deco Art MaderaWood (embossed)
DDecoArt-Fantasia_gamaFantasy (embossed)


  • No glue needed (cost savings)
  • Fast and easy placement
  • Lineawall is washable and shock resistant
  • Marble, wood and fantasy designs
  • Home or contract decoration (window dressing)
  • Meets REACH European environmental regulations

Sizes and formats

Roll: 90cm x 10m
Mini-roll: 90cm x 3,3m
Inquire at the point of sale availability of formats and references.


DDecoArt - 1 medir producto1. Measure the needed vinyl.
D'Deco Art - 2 - Cortar producto2. Trim the film to size.
D'Deco Art - 3 - limpiar3. Clean the surface.
D'Deco Art - 4 - pulverizar4. Spray water over the surface (except cardboard).
D'Deco Art - 5 - sacar protector5. Gently peel-off the back support paper.
D'Deco Art - 6 - pulverizar agua6. Spray water over the vinyl’s adhesive side.
D'Deco Art - 7 - Colocar lámina7.Place D’Deco Art smoothly over the surface.
D'Deco Art - 8 - Pasar espátula8. Eliminate water and air bubbles with a squeegee.
D'Deco Art - 9 - solapar láminas9. Place 5mm of the first strip on top of the following one.
D'Deco Art - 10 - despegar con aire caliente10. Warm up the vinyl in order to remove it.
D'Deco Art - 11 - despegar cuidadosamente11. Peel-off the vinyl slowly.

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