Lineafix Static Pro

Lineafix Static Pro

Lineafix Static Pro is a static film windows and smooth surfaces with specific sun protection. Energy saving film. You can decorate and create privacy while protecting people, objects and plants from the harmful effects of UV rays and infrared.

Lineafix Static Pro can be reused as many times as you like. Its static cling (non-adhesive) is guaranteed at high and low temperatures.


Lineafix Static Pro Range

Línea-Fix Sun Protection Zarame GreyLineafix Static Pro Convencional

Linea-Fix_SunProtection_ClearLineafix Static Pro Clear
Linea-Fix Sun Protection Silver PrintedLineafix Static Pro Especial


  • 10 years guaranteed stiction
  • 99.4% UV protection (guaranteed) and infrared blocking
  • Promotes the photosynthesis of plants by letting the light in and preventing the UV damage on the leaves
  • Best quality and manufacturing technology
  • Gives privacy while allowing the entry of light into the room (the solar transmittance varies depending on the reference)
  • No adhesive. Removable and reusable
  • Thermal control vinyls
  • Meets European environmental legislation REACH
  • Film thickness: 250 to 300 microns
  • The largest collection in the market
  • Lineafix Static Pro was the first static film sold in the world, being the brand leader since

Sizes and formats

Rollo: 46cm x 20m / 92cm x 20m
Mini-rollo: 46cm x 1,5m / 92cm x 1,5m
Blister: 46cm x 1,5m / 92cm x 1,5m
Inquire at the point of sale availability of formats and references.


Important: Read carefully the instructions included on this document.


colocacion Línea-Fix 1 - limpiar el vidrio1. Clean the surface perfectly, do not use window cleaner.
2. Wet the surface by spraying water on it.
Linea-Fix Sun Protection - sacar protector3. Remove protective transparent film.
Linea-Fix Sun Protection - colocar en vidrio4. Place Línea-Fix Sun Protection on the surface.
Linea-Fix Sun Protection - pasar espátula5. Glide the squeegee softly over the film to avoid air bubbles.

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