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Lineafix Adhesive Premium is a digital print stainless steel self-adhesive film. Customize and decorate your spaces easily. Its wide range of designs offers a world of possibilities, with digital quality and an affordable price. Decorate your closet, fridge, kitchen… It is ideal for crafts.

The measurements of the rolls are perfectly suited to the standard measures of dryers and washing machines (60 cm).



My Way InoxLineafix Adhesive Premium Stainless steel film


  • Lineafix Adhesive Premium is the only self-adhesive film with aluminium base and digital printing with high quality UV inks
  • Easy to place
  • Ideal para todo tipo de decoración y manualidades
  • High resistance film
  • Meets European REACH environmental regulations
  • Ideal for all types of decoration and crafts
  • Manufactured in Spain

Sizes and formats

Roll*: 60cm x 15m
Mini-roll*: 60cm x 1,5m
*Inquire at the point of sale availability of formats and references.


My Way Inox colocación - 1 - Medir producto1. Measure the needed vinyl.
My Way Inox colocación - 2 - Cortar producto2. Trim the film to size.
My Way Inox colocación - 3 - limpiar3. Clean the surface.
My Way Inox colocación - 4 - pulverizar 4. Spray water over the surface (except cardboard).
My Way Inox colocación - 5 - sacar papel protector5. Gently peel-off the back support paper.
My Way Inox colocación - 6 - pulverizar agua6. Spray water over the vinyl’s adhesive side.
My Way Inox colocación - 7 - Colocar lámina7. Place My Way Inox smoothly over the surface.
My Way Inox colocación - 8 - Pasar espátula8. Eliminate water and air bubbles with a squeegee.

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