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Lineafix Adhesive Premium is a digital print decorative self-adhesive film. Customize and decorate your spaces easily. Its wide range of designs (for children, classic, modern, vintage…) offers a world of possibilities. Digital quality at an affordable price.

Its large scale continuous designs make Lineafix Adhesive Premium ideal for covering long distances (up to 15 meters per roll).


Lineafix Adhesive Premium Range

My Way Adhesive brilloGlossy adhesive

My Way Adhesive mateMate adhesive


  • Lineafix Adhesive Premium is easy to place
  • Practical and affordable
  • Meets REACH European environmental regulations
  • Ideal for decorating bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, shops, windows, etc.
  • Manufactured in Spain

Sizes and formats

Roll*: 70cm x 15m
Mini-roll*: 70cm x 1,5m
*Inquire at the point of sale availability of references.


D'Deco Art - 3 - limpiar1. Clean the surface.
1-MyWayAdh-DespegarLamina2. Gently peel-off the back support paper.
3-MyWayAdh-pulverizar3. Spray water over the vinyl’s adhesive side.
4-MyWayAdh-Colocar4. Place My Way Adhesive smoothly over the surface.
My Way Adhesive colocación - 5 - Pasar espátula5. Eliminate water and air bubbles with a squeegee.
My Way Adhesive colocación - 6 - despegar con aire caliente6. Warm up the vinyl in order to remove it.
My Way adhesive colocación - 7 - despegar cuidadosamente7. Peel-off the vinyl slowly.

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