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Sticky-back wallcovering Lineawall Digital, the new style of wall decoration.

Lineawall Digital®

is a premium self-adhesive vinyl wallcovering with trendsetting designs.

Unlike regular wallpaper printing systems, which repeat small/medium patterns, digital technology allows printing XXL unrepeated patterns. Differentiate your wallcovering collections from your competitors, by offering this exclusive decorative solution.

No need for glue. It's easy a clean to place. Washable and very resistant.

Get rid of traditional wallpaper patterns and be unique!


Texture Lineawall Digital

Lineawall Digital lámina texturaTexture Lineawall Digital


  • No need for glue, as Lineawall Digital® is self-adhesive (sticky-back)
  • Each roll contains panels of 90cm x 2,70m, that you can freely combine
  • Washable and resistant
  • No need for professional installers. It’s super easy and clean to place!
  • Home or contract decoration (window dressing)
  • Super trendy XXL designs and patterns
  • High quality digitally printed
  • Meets European environmental standard REACH

Sizes and formats

Roll: panels of 90cm x 2,7m
Inquire at the point of sale availability of formats and references.


DDecoArt - 1 medir producto1. Measure the needed vinyl.
D'Deco Art - 2 - Cortar producto2. Trim the film to size.
D'Deco Art - 3 - limpiar3. Clean the surface.
D'Deco Art - 4 - pulverizar4. Spray water over the surface (except cardboard).
D'Deco Art - 5 - sacar protector5. Gently peel-off the back support paper.
D'Deco Art - 6 - pulverizar agua6. Spray water over the vinyl’s adhesive side.
D'Deco Art - 7 - Colocar lámina7.Place D’Deco Art smoothly over the surface.
D'Deco Art - 8 - Pasar espátula8. Eliminate water and air bubbles with a squeegee.
D'Deco Art - 9 - solapar láminas9. Place 5mm of the first strip on top of the following one.
D'Deco Art - 10 - despegar con aire caliente10. Warm up the vinyl in order to remove it.
D'Deco Art - 11 - despegar cuidadosamente11. Peel-off the vinyl slowly.

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