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Lineafix Adhesive Basic is a decorative self-adhesive film that allows creating personal and exclusive atmospheres. A wide range of designs which will solve your decorative needs, at an affordable price.

Lineafix Adhesive Basic allows you to decorate really quickly. You can transform your room, living room, the kid’s bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. It’s ideal for all kind of crafts.

They are easy to place and surprisingly aesthetic.


Lineafix Adhesive Basic Range

DDeco Madera HayaWood
D'Deco Adhesive MármolMarble
D'Deco Adhesive EstampadoPrinted
D'Deco Adhesive Corcho NaturalNatural cork
D'Deco Adhesive Flock frambuesaVelvet
D'Deco Adhesive UnicolorUnicolor
D'Deco Adhesive AluminioPrinted Aluminium
D'Deco Adhesive HologramaHologram
D'Deco Adhesive MetalikMetalik
D'Deco Adhesive MirrorMirror
D'Deco Adhesive TranslúcidoTranslucent
D'Deco Adhesive PizarraBlackboard
D'Deco Adhesive AdvertisingAdvertising


  • Thickness: 100 microns
  • Easy placement
  • High quality packaging (with cardboard tube inside)
  • Lineafix Adhesive Basic offers the best quality/price
  • Collections according to current trends
  • Meets REACH European environmental regulations
  • Use Chalkyp-n with the D’Deco blackboards

Measures and formats

Roll*: 45cm x 20 m / 90cm x 15m / 122cm x 15m
Mini-roll*: 45cm x 1,5m / 45cm x 2m / 67,5cm x 2m / 90cm x 1,5m / 90cm x 2m / 90cm x 2,2m

*Size options depending on the reference. Inquire at the point of sale availability of formats and references.


D'Deco colocación - 1 - Cortar producto1. Trim the film to size.
D'Deco - 2 - limpiar2. Clean the surface.
D'Deco colocación - 3 - pulverizar 3. Spray water over the surface (except cardboard).
4. Gently peel-off the back support paper.
5. Place D’Deco Art smoothly over the surface and eliminate water and air bubbles with a squeegee.

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