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Lineafix Adhesive Premium Poster is a range of digital print sticky-back posters, with the right format for decorating walls and doors.
Customize and decorate your home easily. Its wide range of designs (for children, modern, classic, vintage…) offers a world of possibilities. Digital quality and affordable prices.


Lineafix Adhesive Premium Range

MyWayAdhesive_gama70 x 125 cm

MyWayAdhesive Poster 140x200140 x 200 cm
MyWayAdhesive Poster puerta90 x 200 cm Door Size


  • Lineafix Adhesive Premium Poster is easy to place
  • Practical and affordable
  • Meets REACH European environmental regulations
  • Ideal for decorating bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, shops, windows, etc.
  • Manufactured in Spain

Sizes and formats

Posters*: 70cm x 1,25m / 140cm x 2m
Door posters*: 90cm x 2m
*Size options depending on the reference. Inquire at the point of sale availability of formats and references.


D'Deco Art - 3 - limpiar1. Clean the surface.
1-MyWayAdh-DespegarLamina2. Gently peel-off the back support paper.
3-MyWayAdh-pulverizar3. Spray water over the vinyl’s adhesive side.
4-MyWayAdh-Colocar4. Place My Way Adhesive smoothly over the surface.
My Way Adhesive colocación - 5 - Pasar espátula5. Eliminate water and air bubbles with a squeegee.
My Way Adhesive colocación - 6 - despegar con aire caliente6. Warm up the vinyl in order to remove it.
My Way adhesive colocación - 7 - despegar cuidadosamente7. Peel-off the vinyl slowly.

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