Contact paper flowers

Flores con vinilos decorativos portada

How to create flowers with contact paper

In this post we explain step by step how to create flowers with contact paper and decorate your favorite corner of the house, or give them to someone special (which was our case).

It all started with the idea of making a special handmade gift for a friend’s birthday. We could have bought something nice in a gift shop but, isn’t it nicer to give something created with your hands? And it also is totally personalized!

So we started by deciding how to do this DIY and collecting all the necessary materials, which were:

  • Various designs of adhesive films (contact paper)
  • Various designs of vinyl wallpaper (due to the sticky-back, they are easier to use for handycrafts)
  • Adhesive blackboard film
  • Wooden sticks for barbecue skewers
  • Green paint
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • 1 cardboard
  • White chalk marker Chalkyp-n
Assortment of adhesive films and vinyl wallpapers
Assortment of adhesive films and vinyl wallpapers


1- Once we have the designs, we have to combine them on pairs (due to the chosen idea of tulip but another tipe of flowers or shapes can be done as well, like the heart we did) 😉

2- Draw and cut the shape of the flower on the cardboard in order to create all the tulips equally.

Flores con vinilos decorativos 1

3- Use the cardboard to cut the adhesive film pieces. You need two pieces for each side of the flower (one with the full shape and another with just one petal).

4- Stick the small piece on the big one.

Flores con vinilos decorativos 3

5- Paint the wooden sticks with green watercolors or any other paint available.

6-  Once the wooden sticks are dry, remove a small part of the protective paper of the adhesive film. This will give extra strength to the flower. Place the wooden stick on the adhesive part.

Flores con vinilos decorativos 4

7- Stick the other side of the tulip by removing completely the protective paper. Check that the two sides and the wooden stick are correctly placed.

8- Remove the surplus of the adhesive film by cutting it carefully. Follow the shape of the already-cut flower.

9- Create the flowers leaves with some blackboard adhesive film. Just cut the film, remove the protective paper, place the wooden stick on the middle and stick both sides of the film. Then cut the film with the shape of a leave (as the picture below).

Flores con vinilos decorativos 5

10- The name are written on the leaves with a chalk marker Chalkyp-n.

pizarra chalkyp-n

11- Repeat these steps for every flower or object you want to create. Believe me, the first one may be a bit complicated, but the rest are really easy 😉

12- There’s only one thing left: choose the perfect vase.

Isn’t it easy to do handicrafts with adhesive films? We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it helps you to create awesome things.

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    • Linea Hogar Deco says:

      ¡Cierto Violette! Es una muy buena idea.Si te animas a hacerlo, mándanos una foto para que todos veamos tu creación. Un saludo y gracias por leernos.

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