Natural Cork

Corcho Natural

Decorate with Natural Cork

If we think about natural cork, maybe the first thing that comes up to our mind are the wine or champagne corks. They are very common in DIY decoration but there are formats in which this product can be found.

Corcho Natural


In this post we’ll discover the advantages of the adhesive cork sheet, wich can be found rolled or cutted into regular pieces. Normally, we find the rolled sheet sticked on the wall with a lot of tacks holding notes or pictures.

Corcho Natural


But there are many original ways of placing this material. Check out these DIY projects:

1- Create a mosaic

corcho natural

Cut the cork sheet into geometric pieces and create a big mosaic on the wall. Then fill it with souvenirs that make you feel happy.


2- Cenefas

corcho adhesivo

Create original borders by cutting the sheet and place them on the wall. Easy, cheap and useful.


3- World Map

mapa de corcho

This original and awesome way of cutting the cork will make your friends green eyed. It may be a bit more difficult than the other projects, but the result is amazing, overall if you are a travel lover.


4- Souvenirs’ lamp

lámpara corcho

This may be the most surprising way of using cork: create a lamp where your pictures and reminders can be placed. And to give a special touch, a combination with adhesive contact paper may be perfect. Interesting result ¿isn’t it?


5- Letters

letras corcho

Cut the cork in letters shape to decorate your wall. Create words, sentences or use just your initials. All the options are super cool!

And these are our today’s proposals. We hope you enjoy them and help you to create awesome things this weekend. And if you need more info of how to place adhesive contact paper, check this link.

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